england DSC

Wish I was an english muffin,

….so i could make the most out of a toaster.

Like sands through the hourglass, and so are the days of our lives. Speaking of sand, I’ve left the desert. Speaking of deserts, they’re nice, they have camels, and everyone knows how fun camels are. So out of the desert and into the golden temple of Amritsar. The temple was nice, free bed, free food, turbans, it was good. I left after a few days to a place called Mcloud Ganj, home to the notorious Dali Lama, the main man himself. of course he wasn’t interested in meeting me, or giving any special teachings anytime soon so i took my little red bracelet and left with no new knowledge of my existence, oh well, maybe next time. from Mcloud Ganj I got word that I should go east into the himalayas, so i decided to give it a shot. I was headed for a place called Rekong Peo, I was told it was only a days bus ride away. Day one was a long bus ride to a place called Banjar where i was informed that the mountain pass was closed due to snow, I would have to spend the night. One night in the flowering apple orchards and wild beas river passing by my window, it was a nice layover. Day two, morning, bus to a place called Shoju, then a small truck to a place called end of the snow. As I had imagined but tried to not think about I had a two Kilometer walk ahead of me through the snow, over a mountain pass, as you may know I detest shoes and for that reason I had none. Walking on snow for 45 minutes up a mountain could be bad for the feet, so i did what any person would do in my situation, I wrapped my feet in towels and put plastic bags over them, duct taped at the ankles. worked like a charm, if charms were leaky plastic bags. but no worry, they held up almost for the whole walk and when i came around the corner to see the jeep waiting i didn’t mind the ice water that had gathered in my bags. the jeep filled up quickly with all of the locals and me (of course the only stupid foreigner, or any foreigner for that matter) except that there wasn’t exactly room in the jeep for all 20 of us, so me and about 7 others made our way to the roof, where i had a great 2 hour ride down the back side of the mountain…wind in my hair. I made it that night to Rampur and slept at a hindu temple. Day three started fine with a direct bus to rekong peo, and i could almost smell it when we pulled to a stop with a bus in front of us, a bus that was falling off the side of the cliff. there had been a landslide and either it hit the bus or the bus tried to run over the new ground and started to slide off the cliff itself, all the people got out but it stopped traffic on both sides, so we had to walk around the leaning bus to the other side where there were jeeps happy to take us the 15 minutes up the hill, and up we went. so I finally made it, not just to rekong peo but to the actuall destination of kalpa, which is a nice old mountain village in the mountains home to, ummm….hashish. apparently that’s how the village makes a good income, shipping hash to the rest of india, everyones gotta make a buck. so a few nights there and then up the long and winding road (I truely believe the road was narrower than the bus) to a place called sangla which is another tiny little mountain village in the valley surrounded by snow capped himalayas, nice. from sangla i sat (or i should have sat but there wheren’t seats for half the ride) for 26 hours to rishikesh. rishikesh was a good place to chill out for a few days and meet some good people, learned about different yoga and meditation things from old indians and isrealis. I said good bye to my “life on the road” two days ago when i left Rishikesh and made my way back to Delhi, where i’ve been making last minute shopping and preperations to get out of asia. So where does this leave me? a day and a few thousand kilometers from London. I’ll be meeting my brother in london and spending the next 10 days there until my flight back to milwaukee on May 1st. momma, momma i’m a comin home (was that ozzy that said that?). So this is the last you’ll all be hearing of my adventures in the east, my current plans change daily but are starting to look for firm, wisconsin/minnesota in may, illinois/colorado until mid june, then….panama. i think. until august. then on to the unknown. so if anyone needs to get a hold of me after may 2nd, i may be at my parents house 1-414-351-3059, I’m gonna be busy maybe but then again, maybe not. okay, get back to work, see you in a few