Time to go


so i haven’t written a blog or anything for a while, here is my latest attempt at entertaining everyone. Last time I wrote was from Colombia, which was a great place and lots of fun. Mostly I hung out in cities and small towns but I did make it to a nice place on the pacific coast called Juan Chaco (i think) which had awesome cliffs and beaches and birds and rum. so through colombia i went for a bit over a month and then about a week ago i made it to sunny ecuador. first i went to the otovalo weekend market which is supposed to be the biggest native peoples market in south america then i came here to quito. quito is nice, the old town has lots of old buildings and i went for the day to the equator museum which as you can probably imagine is on the equator. yup they got a line there and you can stand on it, exciting isn’t it. so ecuador has been pretty good so far but today was a big day for me, i spent more money than i’ve spent in a long time, and why you may ask? because i bought plane tickets to the galapagos islands. and no trip to the galapagos would be complete without pictures so i bought a camera too. damn, that’s alot of money. the camera kinda sucks cause it’s not what i want but i had to buy it from the black market here in quito because there aren’t really any good electronics stores in the country, but it’s all good, it’s a camera. and galapagos is going to rock. i’m going to see if i can sleep in a hammock or something to make it a bit more affordable but i’ll probably end up on the beach or something. anyway, that’s the news and excitement from ecuador. i’ll probably be in ecuador for another few weeks and then peru style, so yeah, if anyones in the area hit me up and i’ll take your picture. or something. you may now stop reading