thailand DSC

One night in Bangkok

you want to hear about my absolutly crazy day today….ok fine i’ll tell you. so i take the bus to the area where they have all the strip clubs, pat pong but i go there at like 10 in the morning just to see the area and there aren’t really any prostitutes at that time of day so it was ok, so i’m walking down the street and this guy stops me and says hi and asks where i’m from, i tell him america and he says oh good my daughter is going to america in a week, could i talk to you about america for a minute, he was waiting at a bus stop. so i say sure and i sit down with him talk for a minute and he says, oh by the way this is my sister a woman sitting on the other side of me, so i shake hands and all and we talk for a few minutes, nothing interesting but whatever. so then he says it would be really nice if you could talk to my daughter about america, he says she is going to be a nurse or something, so i say sure (why not? i have absolutly nothing else to do). so they flag a taxi and off we go…..there house was kinda nice and so i was hanging out for a minute or two and they were eating and they gave me some food it was good, then sure enough another guy comes home, shake hands and talks for a while all about my traveling and whatnot, seems harmless enough… then he proposes, since he feels bad that i’m traveling and i have little money that he helps me make some money, he’s a dealer at a casino on the border of cambodia and he can make sure if i go gamble there at his tables i will always win, we will split the profits later. sounds good right. so anyway we talk about random things and i think they are trying to size me up for how much i’m worth cause they keep asking questions about how much i spent in australia and singapore and stuff… i tell him i’m not interested now but maybe in a few weeks, before he said i could email him, so i ask for his email and say maybe later. then he says he can give me his sisters email cause it’s too dangerous for him to give his, i’m like sure, whatever. then he tells me i have to give a $500 US deposit and a few thousand later as an investment, i start to laugh at him, naturally. i’m laughing and i say, seriously? then i tell him i have about 1,000 baht and that’s all, i don’t carry my wallet or creditcard with me anywhere, i keep laughing as i tell him i wouldn’t give anyone $500 for anything. I explained how my budget for the past two months in asia was about $500 and i would never even consider it. so he sees he’s losing….so then he pulls out the emergency card, well really the reason i’m willing to help you win this money, he says, is cause his mom is sick in the hospital and she’s around 80 years old. really, i say, what’s wrong with her? oh you know, she’s old, her back, she needs an expensive operation….oh really, i say, that’s interesting what kind of operation, my dad is a geriatrician (old people doctor) i know all about this stuff (it’s true). so he doesn’t know what kind of back operation she needs, just that it’s expensive, i tell him i’m willing to help in anyway i can, just not with money. he asks if i can donate blood, i say sure why not, but i didn’t know my blood type so he said it wouldn’t help. so then the guy i went there with realized i was a lost cause and he said ok he’ll take me back to kao san where i’m staying, then we go outside and he says he’s also sick and needs to go to the hospital but he spent all his money getting us to the house (300 baht), which he did pay for, then he asks if i can lend him 200 baht for him to go to the hospital and i laugh at him and say of course not, i told him i wouldn’t be giving him any money it was his idea to bring me there. so then he flagged down a motorbike and i got on and left him there. you would think that’s the end…just a bit more. so i go a little bit and get off the motorbike and take a public bus back to pat pong where i met them, just to walk around for a bit, so i see one of these corner police station things and i figure i’ll tell them, just to let them know, you know. so i’m talking to the police for a minute and they just tell me not to talk to thai people, then another police comes and buys me a coffee and gives me a cigarette, then we hang out for a few minutes and they ask me if i want a massage and try and sell me a prostitue and a massage….it’s funny enough but i get bored and leave. and that’s the end of the story. then i walked home. you can all stop reading now….get some sleep