Peru R

IΒ΄m sitting in a railway station, got a ticket for a destination…..

And here it is, the final news update for Adam’s world adventures 2003 – 2008….. After having my fun in the sun in La Paz, Bolivia, yet again I’ve made my way to Peru. I’m in Cusco now just hanging out and buying up lots of nice things to maybe sell and support myself with for a day or two when I get back. Which means, yes, I’m coming back to the US. I’ll be flying out of Lima on the 2nd to Detroit and after a lovely greyhound bus trip I’ll be in Milwaukee on the 4th. I got nothing planned until June, but I also have no car to get anywhere. So I guess maybe it’s not all that exciting, but the statistics are something like this: 5.5 years (since graduation), 29 countries, 5 continents, bits and pieces of many languages, a few flights, lots of bus trips, a few donkey rides, uncountable miles of walking, hundreds of friends, good food, strange music, kareoke every once in a while, and lots of other fun stuff. If anyone wants to call me I’ll be around my parents house for at least a day or two when I get back the number is (414) 351-3059. I haven’t decided if i’m gonna become all tech and get me a mobile phone but you can try just calling people who know me, I might be with them (I also don’t have their numbers), otherwise email works. yeah, so I guess that’s all, see you in a few