I love Shakira and her homeland


I’m finding out day by day how fun Colombia can be. Tonight I went to a football game, Medellin nationals vs. Medellin other, needless to say Medellin won. besides the game though there were the fans…..awesome people, I really thought the stadium might fall apart from the jumping up and down in unison with the people yelling their teams fight songs, all while having a fight of paper streamers and water bottles. Of course the seats that me and some friends decided to get were just in between the different teams fans, we got everything thrown over us but it was a great time anyway. there were heavily armed police everywhere and lots of military people also, they forgot the fire fighters though cause some people decided to start a fire in the stands at the end of the game but it wasn’t too bad. the ride back from the game on the subway was equally as eventfull because they had to seperate the people green shirts on one train red shirts on the other, lots of yelling and throwing things at eachother but all in good fun, nobody really looked angry or hateful and everyone seemed to make it home alright. Colombia is lots of fun, i’ll be here for a few more weeks if anyone wants to come meet me, otherwise talk later .