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How does it feel, to be on your own, like a rolling stone….

And so here it is again in my apparantly irregular intervals, an update. Last update was sometime in November or something so I guess I should say happy new years to those of you who I haven’t talked to this year, and for those that I have….Hi. So It’s been lots of fun and craziness getting through Bolivia without having a visa, and driving through hellish roads, then Paraguay without a border and not so hellish, but instead very straight and orderly roads. Down to Argentina and a fun new years party on the beach and back up to Buenos Aires to meet the one known as Kate, Hi Kate. With Kate’s wonderful accompaniment (I’m not sure how to spell that one) we bounced around between north and south, east and west (on some of the longest bus rides in existence) checking out all the little bits and pieces of Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.They are all nice, I highly reccomend them all. So it comes at a sad time then that in one weekend Kate left me for Australia (after a wonderfully extended month) and also my homies from Muchoviaje left me for Africa (and they didn’t even invite me to go with…). Again I find myself bouncing around trying to figure out what to do next, and also waiting for a bus (I still got a few hours), I’m on my way now back to Bolivia (Got my $100 visa, I’m set). If things go to plan, which they often don’t, I’ll be at the border in a few days and take a nice train ride to La Paz where I have some shopping to do, after a few weeks there I’m planning on heading back into Peru and making my way (much quicker this time) to Lima. I will probably be flying out of Lima, and to where you may or may not be asking yourself? I wish I knew. I`m spending the next few weeks trying to figure out where to go next. And everyday, depending on mood, I change my mind about 10 times per hour. It seems as though some time in Europe could be fun but then again there might be some things I should take care of in the EU (Estados Unidos = USA), and then again I still have that calling in my ears for Africa (I hear you Joyce). So the comments and suggestions box is now officially in service to anyone who cares to send me a message and I will hopefully know where I’ll be going by the end of March. See you soon, or not, but maybe