Go ahead and jump…might as well jump…

that’s right i’m here in the place so lovingly named by eddie van halen, PANAMA. I got here about 3 days ago and things aren’t just good they’re golden. i got a nice room up on a mountain for the first few nights and now i’m down in the city getting down, or up whichever hemisphere you’re in. Panama seems nice so far i’m going to get out and do lots of walking for the next few days until my peoples arrive. by peoples i meant the students i have on the trip i’m leading, we’ll be heading out of panama city going for a few day sailing trip followed by a 10 day stay on a small island off the northern coast, carribean style, then we’ll be bouncing around on some uninhabited islands for a few days kickin back and swining in hammocks pronounced with an “ock” not and “ick” cause that’s how it’s done. anyway, i’ll be around la ciudad panama para ocho dias, so say hello and if anyones is interested in an extended road trip, panama to estados unidas i’ll possibly be heading out late august, via costa rica, nicaragua, honduras, guatemala, mexico, and texas. be in the now. rock out with your…what’s that, there are kids around, oops, hasta la vista