Feels just like i´m walking on broken glass, or sunshine.


Hey people, I made it last nigt to a city called Nazca, Peru. It´s not an entirely interesting city so far, of course I haven´t left the hotel yet, but the exciting thing is that I´m on the pacific coast again. Another exciting thing is that within 16 days I´ll be on the Atlantic coast of Argentina…16 days cross the continent including such goodies as peru, chile, bolivia, paraguay, and Argentina. a bit fast but hey, what can you do? anyway I guess that´s all, if anyone wants to have a rockin new years party I´ll be on the beach somewhere near Miramar, Argentina. If anyone wants to have a rockin Adam´s birthday party (28 on the 30th, don´t mix that up, I´m not that old) , I´ll be in Buenos Aires. Word homies. Talk later from the other side.