Yes, I know, updates every 2 months are not exactly up to date but hey, that´s the kind of world we´re living in. So, the last time I wrote was before I went to the Galapagos, they were nice, lots o animals. Then I went to Peru, that was nice, lots o ruins. Now I´m here in Bolivia, I´ve actually been here for about three weeks now, yes only in La Paz (except for that weekend up north). La Paz is super sweet and I´ve been having my share of fun, but the two reasons that I¨ve actually stayed for so long are for the rockstar Camille and for the equally rocking team Muchoviaje. So where does this all leave me you may be asking yourself (or you may not be reading anymore, in which case….)? Yes, it´s all true, I am of the working class again (sin dinero). I will be an assistant for the expedition muchoviaje through southern south america, sweet hey, you can check it out at or see the sweetastic video (share the link so it goes to number 1 for the month) . So sometime this week we will be leaving La Paz (sounds like a movie, I know) and we will be going back towards the titicaca and machu pichu to do some filming and then through peru, chile, back to bolivia, paraguay, and argentina (hopefully antarctica too, but that´s neither here nor there). I will be working probably until about early February and then my life will again need some direction. So I´m excited to get to do some work and what better way then a television show about traveling? I guess that´s all I got for now, if you want to know more….ummmmm….I might have some answers but probably not, that´s how it goes. and in the imortal words of Dire Straits, You do the walk,yeah, you do the walk of life