My name is Adam Kane and for many years now I have been traveling and living in many random places around the world.
I have used my camera, or friends cameras to document my travels as best as possible, though cameras break, batteries die, and sometimes it’s just more fun not to take pictures. Unfortunately, I’m also not the best at updating my site, so there are 20 or so countries not pictured here that should have been. If you’d like to contact me, the best way would be via email shortyadamk (at)

I’m never totally sure where I’m going (sometimes even where I am) or what I’ll have with me, I sure hope I have a camera at my side but regardless of what I have, I’ll continue to try and document my life, my travels and my world. The photos in the gallery and the blog (not necessarily updated frequently) can give an idea about some of the places I’ve visited and what life is like around the world.


-Adam Kane

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